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Rowing Machine April 9, 2010

How to Row:

Principle Rules
-Start with your feet flat and knees bent. Then, Push!
-Keep your back straight until final pull back and then lean back and pull.
-Row nice and slowly to make it all a fluid movement.
-Remember, slow and stead wins the race.
-When you are new to this, just focus on the movement and proper technique is everything. Pull to hard or out of technique you could cause a real injury.
-Remember, before starting any exercise program you should always check with a medical doctor for approval.
-As always have fun and pull hard!

Suggested Technique Demonstration: The follwoing YouTube video demonstrates the proper techniques that would facilitate the best results and safiest style to approach when rowing.

The Perfect Stroke:

Rowing Exercise Ideas

Rowing can get a little mundane at times. This image to the left shows some unique ways you can better optimize your Rowing machine’s capabilities and increase muscle tone.

When using these guides, do so with caution. These are strength training ideas. I have found that doing 2 sets of 5 to 7 repetitions gives you a good workout.

As always it is good to listen to your body.  I hope this helps with your rowing exercises and do be careful while rowing. Enjoy and pull hard!


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