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Baking Adventures September 14, 2010

Well recently I was inspired to try my hand at baking. I was never a very good in the kitchen, I just always let my Mom cook everything; but as it happens when you get older and out on your own you begin to find it necessary to learn how to cook. So through college I learned how to survive, but when I met my husband he taught me how to cook. We would just look through cookbooks (when were dating), find a recipe that sounded good, drove to store, bought the ingredient and went back to his place to make it. It was a lot of fun and we do that sometimes now. Through this I learned how to really cook by learning about spices, what goes well with what and those kind of things. But recently I discovered baking. There is only so much you can do during the day by yourself, and you can not always just cook. So I discovered I could bake during the day and still make dinner that evening. So here are a few of my Creations:

Homemade Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the result of my first attempt to make cookies from scratch. I’ve made cookies before, but I always used the pre-made dough or the add water dough. I have to tell you that this is the way to go. I found a recipe on My called, “Thick, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.” This sounded so yummy and I already had all the ingrediants, so I went to town. I made the cookies a bit bigger than called for, but they turned out very good and scrumptious. The results were fantastic. I found that I should have literally rolled the dough into a ball to prevent the crispy edges, but nevertheless here thy are and wow are they good! If you would like to try baking these check out the recipe here:

Chocolate Fudge Butter-cream Fondant Cake

This has to be the most precious thing I have ever made. I made some mistakes, but the final project was absolutely gorgeous. This project was a bit expensive, but everything that was not edible can be re-used in the future, so it’s one of those investment buys you do for yourself from time to time. I bought some chocolate fudge cake mix, 3 boxes of fondant pre-made and colored (White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Purple), 2 six inch round cake pans, flower cookie cutters, butter-cream icing, purple and green tube icing, and icing nozzles.

Then I made the cake according to the box, heavily greased both pans and poured the cake mix into each to bake. Then I began working on my fondant flowers. I used the cookie cutters and a rolling pin for this. I rolled out the fondant (that came in a massive brick in each color), then used the cookie cutters to cut the shapes. Finally I used a basting brush to apply a splash of water to adhere the flowers together. When the cakes were finished and cooled, I placed one on a plate, iced the top, and stacked the other on top of that. Then I iced the outside and top of the cake heavily. Next, I rolled out the White fondant as thin as I could get it. Here was my first mistake. I should have got the white icing really thin, because you want the layer that wraps around the cake to be thin for taste, and my flowers should have also been much thinner for taste. But in hindsight it looked beautiful. Once the fondant was rolled out I laid it over the iced cake, using powder sugar I smoothed it out with my hand and a spatula. Once the fondant cover was set, I used the remaining strips of fondant color to make the bows to create a peace sign on the cake. Gently smoothing it out and then with the basting brush adding water to make the colors shine. Then I added the flowers to the cake. I put a dab of icing where the flowers would be place and added water for a flowery shine. Next I used the purple tube icing to create a decorative trim around the bottom, and the green tube icing to add decrative dots around the cake.The Cake was a hit with my friends and family, but the thick fondant was not. Overall it turned out very well.

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake with White Fluffy Icing

The other day I made my first three layer cake! I took a regular box of Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake mix, blended the suggested ingredients together, though I substituted the oil for milk that makes

the cake incredibly moist and delightful; then I filled three six inch cake pans about 2/3 full and baked for 25 minutes on 350’F. Once the cakes were out of the oven I carefully removed them from the pan and laid them upside down on a cutting board. Once the cakes had completely cooled I applied a dab of icing to the bottom of the cake dish and centered the first layer on the dish. This keeps the cake from sliding around. Next I heavily iced the top of the first layer, making sure to level it. Next, I trimmed the top of the 2nd cake and centered it on the 1st, again icing the top, and repeated technique with the 3rd and final layer. Then I iced the cake using a butter knife and rubber spatula. Once I was happy with the icing I used the butter knife to create a draped look to the icing and placed the cake in the refrigerator so the the icing could set. Later we ate the cake, well most of it, and boy was it delicious! This was an all day project, but I had a lot of fun.

Festive Fall Birthday Cake

My next project was a special birthday cake for my sister-in-law’s birthday. My Mother-in-law called and asked if we could get a cake on our way down to the family birthday gathering, but I thought hey, I can make one. So I started thinking about what I wanted to do. It is October I thought so I started thinking about a Festive Fall birthday cake. My sister loves chocolate, so of course it had to be chocolate with chocolate fudge icing too. Now to decorate… I went to the

craft store and found some maple leaf cookie cutters, some multi-color fondant (pre-made), food coloring markers, and candy corn. For the cake I made 2 9 inch dark chocolate cakes, leveled them iced and stacked them. Next my Mom and I worked on the leaves to give them that fall look. Then I iced the cake with a wavy motion, that just looks great. Then I placed the leaves on the sides of the cake, each one was placed at a different angle to create the illusion of falling leaves. Then I cut out a pumpkin pattern, colored it, and added a Birthday message and centered it. Then we placed little leaves on the top and a few candy corn, and more candy corn around the bottom of the cake for a border. I hope she likes it, and I hope this time the fondant is thin enough that it won’t taste awful. I did invest in a rolling pin this time, which made rolling out the fondant a lot more fun and way easier! What do you think?

I am currently trying to think of my next baking project. Any tips, ideas, or questions leave me a comment! Take care and happy baking!


2 Responses to “Baking Adventures”

  1. kayaker Says:

    wow that cake looks awesome AMY, I believe it looks perfect for a tea party!!! I have always wanted to work with fondant, maybe some time on a visit we will have to make one. Oh, maybe we can use it to make a kayak, to go on a cake …oh yeah, go kayak…it’s your birthday
    P.S. Kayaker out!!!

    • meme2oo4 Says:

      Thanks! I had a lot of fun working with the fondant and just exploring different ways to make the cakes too. We should make a kayak CAKE! That would be awesome!!! I’m going to start thinking about that. It just seems like when your up there’s just not enough time. Oh and by the way I went to Old Navy this weekend and got a shirt for $4.98, that when we went was $12 ish 😀 Made my day 🙂 Thanks for introducing me 😀

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