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Absentee: School, Real-estate, and Bible Study November 4, 2010

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So I’ve been a bit absentee here lately. October ended up being the busiest month ever and November and December are shaping up the same way. Luckily I just need to finish these two papers and I’ll be done with school and so much happier. I have my Constitutional History final tomorrow, so today is Cram day after we go to the realtor to sign some final papers. We are hoping to close on our new old house in the next week or too. This entire process has been a maraathon and I’m ready to get off of this train and just start packing. I never realized how incrediablly busy you can get when you are unemployed, but I suppose that is better than the alternative.

Last night was Bible Study and I did the talk. I spoke about the Trinity and the importance of the oneness of God in three persons, then I tried (as best as I could) to explain who each one was historically and spiritually using biblical references of the scriptures. Overall, I think it went really well. I made a kickbutt Power Point as well. I wonder if I can upload that on here. Well I shall see.

Once we finally start moving I’ll be so relieved. My Dad and I need to totally redo the existing bathroom, because, I kid you not, it is horrid. In design and functionality the entire bathroom is a nightmare. So I hope to modernize it a bit and see if I can’t make it better in just a week, meanwhile I need to pain a few walls and tear of the carpet. I’m just praying that the hardwood floors are beautiful, otherwise we’ll need to refinish them and then go get some area rugs. I’ll keep you updated on the move and provide you with some before and after photos. ┬áTill next time! Have a lovely day!