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Nature Does Not Like Me Today August 19, 2010

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Today is a gorgeous day! The weather is just perfect, so after finishing all my homework for the day, I decided to take my dog to the Three Creeks Metro Park near my home. The only problem with this plan was that nature did not want us there. We arrived stretched our legs and took a chug of water and headed out. We walked over towards the “dog trail” and as we approached a huge Doe came out of the woods right at the trail head. Then two little baby deers came out too. They were gorgeous, the babies still had their spots and Mom was not looking to friendly. I continued to walk towards them with Katey, which did not notice them till we were about fifty yards from them. Momma Deer started tapping her foot, and I took that as a don’t come any closer signal and stopped. She continued to stare at me and so I decided to go on a different trail, but I kept looking behind me just in case. So we started down the Blacklick creek trial. It was nice, mostly hidden in the shade and just a glorious walk. Katey and I started getting tired towards the end, but I knew we were getting close. Then we got closer, and I noticed this tree limb on the trail above us, it seemed shaped funny and I continued to go on.

Timber rattlesnake

Then as we got closer I looked back down and it was not a tree limb. Okay so I STOPPED. I pushed my sun glasses off of my nose, and oh my goodness, it was not a tree limb but a snake! Not a nice looking snake. So I immediately sta

rting pulling Katey towards me and walking away. I got a good look at that thing and I wasn’t about to sit there and draw a pic

ture, but I know what I saw. I literally ran away! I haven’t ran in awhile, but I sure did run. Needless to say we walked back over th

e rest of the trail we had already came through and we were dead by the time we got back to the car. When I got home I jumped on Google, and wow is all I have to say. Guess what that snake was!!! It was a Timber Rattlesnake!!! Of all the things I want to see in nature that would be of my top things I would rather never ever see in the wild. Needless to say, I doubt it will be too soon before I go back for another walk without my husband who knows more about nature than me. I’m a city girl and I am totally happy with that! I hope you all having a safe summer! What would you do if you saw a snake in the middle of the trail?


Always Blessings, Never Losses August 13, 2010

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It is really the moments in life that make you look around and say to yourself, “I’m truly blessed.” that makes everything in life that causes you stress a little less painful or upsetting. I had that moment several times lately. The cruelty of this world does nothing to invade these moments. I have a great family, great friends (that I consider family), and a great life. Now, I’m currently an unemployed student, but life is what it is. You have to take the good with the bad.  Today I am just going to be thankful. I hope you all have something to be thankful about. Have a lovely day and share what your most thankful about with our readers!

My life has a superb cast, but I can’t figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant


The Fix August 7, 2010

The other day was a seriously distressing day for me. I took my dog, my baby, Katey, to a Spay and Neuter Clinic here in Columbus. I was a wreck, she was so scared and I just felt so bad for making her go through such a barbaric thing as being “fixed,” which is just awful to conceive myself. So, I came home and did a little research after visiting with my Mom (whom cheered me up after dropping Katey off).

Spaying or Neutering your dog is a critical for their health and for the prevention of unwanted deaths that occur each year in America. According to Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society (AHDRS) website, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the United States. When compared to the four to six million pets euthanize every year because they are homeless, it makes you stop and think. We need to stop going for the cute little new born puppies and go to the shelters and societies and save these pets. Now I’ve never been a fan of cats, they make me sneeze and they are not usually very nice, but someone could love them just as much as a newborn, overpriced, wormy puppy or kitten. True, I’m being a little over zealous, but after reading these statistics I’ll never go to a “puppy/kitten farm” again. So in the words of Bob Barker, “Remember to have your pets spayed and neutered!”


Supporting Each Other August 2, 2010

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Have you ever thought about the events that shape our lives, as the moments that could have never been? What if we did not make that decision to put those shoes on or to deposit that check, or even flick the turn signal on.

The past week has as with many times in my life, like so many others, has had it’s ups and its downs. My Mom recently underwent a knee replacement, this is not the climax of my week but rather apart of the unending roller coaster. It is so hard to remember that with good there is always bad. Growing up my mom underwent countless surgeries, all stemming from the Muscular Dystrophy, which has plagued her life, and the lives of her mother, and siblings. I try to remind myself that I am lucky. I do not have a debilitating disability that hinders the very quality of my life, but that does not mean it does not effect me. As far back as I can remember surgeries were apart of our family’s life. When I was younger I did not understand the “why” of the situation. I just did not get it. I simply wanted my Mom at home, because without her there our family unit was not complete and I did not understand and I did not like it. Now that I am older I handle things differently. Each surgery seems cruel, horrific, and I dare say seemingly pointless that always seems to lead to the next surgery. Nevertheless, with anything in a family it is important to support each other. I may not agree on the surgeries, but its not my choice. I can argue my point. Try to show my side of it. But in the end its not my choice. I struggle to let that go sometimes. Bad things happen. A dip in the roller coaster of life comes to quickly, but its important to remember that whatever life throws our way or at the people in this life we claim as our family, we must always support them. Why? Because it all goes back to that simple truth: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” After all, what is life without those around us that we love and cherish? With that I will step down off of my soap box and with you all a wonderful and lovely evening.