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Friend Numero Uno, Among Other Titles July 23, 2010

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My best friend is my college roommate Ravon. She’s my best friend for so many reasons its hard to pick just one, I guess I won’t. We just happened to become a roommates our Freshmen year of college. We lived together for four years and she is my confident, best friend, sister, and maid of honor. I am a white middle class girl from the burbs, and she is a black woman from a modest urban area with cerebral palsy. She likes R&B and I like Oldies. It’s not normal, but well we are just alike. We are both dorks to say the least, both of us completely absorbed in our majors. Our dogs are our babies, our families come first before all others, and we absolutely love chocolate chip pancakes with lots of powder sugar. She is always there for me when I need her; and I try to always be there for her. We are both going to graduate school online now, I’m married and she is living with her little brother and Mom.  We laugh at inappropriate things, she knows me better than my Husband does (at most things) and she has made me a better person. If I wasn’t so pale, you would swear she was my sister and I love her for who she is.Our worlds often seem very far apart, but we are who we are and we are best friends.


General Ramble on a Hot, Hot, Hot Day

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Today is a beautiful day here in central Ohio. Sadly the heat index is going to be in Ohio, which means no sitting out in the sun with my puppy. A few weeks ago she was suffering from heat stroke and we had to take her to the Animal Hospital just down the road. I had no idea what to do with her. I just knew (from being with her all day everyday) that she was acting funny. The people at the Animal Shelter were very nice and friendly. They figured it was either a viral infection or she had heat exhaustion.  They wanted to treat her for both, and me being nieve we agreed. Then $382 later we found out it was just the heat stroke.  Oh well, she is my baby and I expect that when having kids. Case in point, make sure to offer and encourage your animals to drink lots of water today, especially if your outside. We will be staying inside most of the day, minus her afternoon walk.

Yesterday was also a super day. I spent the entire day with my best friend, shopping and watching movies. We had a good one. After she went home my husband and I went to the Y and I jumped on a treadmill. Do you know I actually ran a half mile! I was so excited. I walked a half mile and ran the other half. Though the distance was broken up. I ran for about a eighth of mile then walked, then ran another eighth of mile, and walked, and so on. It was really exhilarating, and though I was on the treadmill I also found that having a “focal point” (a fixed point in space to concentrate on) was most helpful. This helped me to focus on my body placement on the treadmill, I was paranoid that I would trip or go to far to the side. But I found some helpful benefits to keep me in the right spot. I always seem to drift to the side when running on a treadmill, but I found that if I actually allowed my hands to pump at my side that my arm would hit the bar on the side to let me know I was getting to close, which allowed me to make minor adjustments on the track so I would not “fall off.” This gave me a lot of confidence, thus allowing me to keep running, where in the past I would have been to nervous/scared to continue. I am hoping to hit the treadmill again tonight!

Hope you all have a lovely day and take care! Remember to keep kids, pets, and  yourself cool and hydrated. Also if you know someone that does not have AC, call and check on them. Heat stroke sucks, but it can be prevented! Chao!


My Guiding Light July 22, 2010

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My thought of the day: The people you surround yourself seems to be your guiding light at times when you need help the very most.

This week has been a real blessing to me and I really feel a lot better than I’ve felt in awhile. At times it feels like everything I do is just completely pointless. Often I feel like the world is a big joke that I am not in on, or that I am the butt to. But this week has been very different. Like any other time in my life I have struggled with depression and I have a real self-worth complex going on in my mind. I really do know I’m wrong when I start feeling this way, but when it is your brain and emotions working against you, it truly makes life very difficult to cope with. My husband doesn’t really understand the whole aspect of depression. He is one of the lucky that do not have an issue with this. He is older than me and has had more life experiences that have shown him a way to conquer such things by a simple mind over matter approach, which has allowed him to arrive at the mindset he has now arrived at.

For me it is more complicated. I know from experience that if I really try hard enough I can keep my thoughts, my mind, and my life going in a positive direction. But something I personally have to deal with is the matter of emotions. Something greater than a thought process, beyond the human consciousness, how our body feels and acts as a wind to our sails that lead our thoughts. When the wind of emotional dishevel catches my sail (being my body), my thoughts get thrown all out of order. It’s an on going battle between the wind and my mind. I think the best example of this is in the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” which follows the life of the Mathematician Dr. John Nash and his battle with Schizophrenia. Now, I am lucky that I do not have something as devastating and debilitating as this to deal with, but this is an extreme example of ones battle to overcome the wind and sail through it, in spite of the opposite direction it may be going through.

My encouragement comes primarily from my Husband. He is always there for me, always attentive, and always understanding. He tries his best to talk me through things that I can not think myself through. My friends and loved ones around me, bring out the best in me. They show me who I can be and who I am to them. For these people I have nothing but love and gratitude to share for them. I am very lucky to have a guiding light to light my way when the fog seems to great to bare alone. I am eternally thankful for this and I know it is only through God’s grace that these people are in my life. I hope you all have a guiding light, and if you do, latch on and never let go. Take care and have a lovely day!


MAUS Poll July 1, 2010

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Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Recently I have been doing a lot of reading. I’ve been having trouble focusing on my own writing and so I found that reading a variety of genre’s to be really helpful allowing me to think about where to go with my own writing. Throughout college I was very interested in the History of the Holocaust. I took a course called “The Holocaust in Film” at Wright State University in my freshmen year. It was amazing and horrific at the same time. I learned, at times, more than I could handle. The grandeur of this event amazed me. Not just in the size, the amount of people slaughtered like they were nothing, while others were full aware and responsible to be most terrifying and devastating to my own views of our “good world”, but as a student of History I was amazed by my own general lack of knowledge on such a horrific event.

The Holocaust is the story of over Five Million humans being put to slaughter simply for who they were. It was not like these kids today that wear the tight pants and others that wear clothes that looks like it belongs to a rather large cousin, but people’s religions, heritage, and sexual orientation. Millions were killed for the reason that the Nazi Germans and many other sympathizers saw them as inferior. The past week or so I have been reading more into the views of those who were able to survive that catastrophic event of human cruelty. As we reach the year of 2010, it is more important than ever to learn from those who survived. As each year passes the survivors, those who know best what happens when those with power missus and abuse minorities best, are passing away. A good friend pointed me in the direction of a graphic novel, I thought, what on earth would a graphic novel do to represent the Holocaust?
The book I am speaking of us Maus, a two volume work representing the Life and survival of a Polish Jew named Vladek Spiegelman. Maus was created by Art Spieglman, the son of Valdek and Anja Spieglman, both of which survived the Holocaust, just barely (Though some might argue they did not, because after you have been through something that cruel you are never whole again.). Through an artistic representation of the horrors within Auschwitz, Spieglman creates the world Valdek has lived through. Spieglman draws the Jews in the form of Mice, the Nazi’s as furious Cats, and Polish peasant’s, good and bad, as Pigs. This is a series everyone should read. You will find your self laughing, on the edge of your seat, and looking around for tissues. Spieglman brings the horrors of the Holocaust to life, in a way that only pictures and representative drawing and dialog could do. If you are a fan of history, interested in learning about the Holocaust, or a member of humankind you will find these volumes informative and well-deserving of your time.