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Water Sports Poll June 22, 2010

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Beach Memories! June 21, 2010

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This is my neice and I at the Beach on the Outer Banks, NC.


“Just Keep Swimming… swimming… swimming…”

Today we went swimming! We gave in and finally got our passes to the local YMCA. I absolutely love swimming! I use to swim competitively in high school and coached a little in college, but nothing compares to just swimming, enjoying the water and worrying about nothing. Honestly, I feel very out of shape; but I guess that just gives me something to work on. I really enjoyed it all. My husband wanted to do a little aerobics in the pool in the mornings to help with the joint issues he has. He walked around in the pool while I swam. My workout consisted of the following:

75 -Warm-up
100- IM Modified (No Fly–I rather stink at this when I am in shape and I rather just avoid it.)–Free, Breast, Back, and Freestyle again.
4×25- Freestyle
2×50- Kick Set
100- Cool Down

Not a very good workout, but I’ll plan it better next time. I then went over to help teach my husband some techniques in swimming. He really wants to learn the freestyle, however, he keeps getting water up in his nasal cavity, which is getting a bit annoying to him. I have tried to tell him how to keep it out or rather how I keep water from going in my nose, but none of these strategies have worked very well for him. I do believe these have frustrated him more so. Despite the difficulties, I do believe we both got a lot out of this and had a lot of fun. I surely feel it, but that’s a good thing after all. I hope you all are doing well and have a lovely day!


This Week’s Poll June 17, 2010

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Wind Dream’in Vacation OBX June 13, 2010

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After a long perfect week at the beach we returned to Ohio’s lovely humid stormy weather; BUT I have my puppy back and today is Movie, cleaning, and unpacking day. We had a great trip and I’m proud to say I didn’t get roasted, just nicely tanned with a few accidental red spots, but nothing to painful and Mr. White actually has a bit of a tan too! We had a gorgeous week at The Outer Banks, and I’m sad to say it is over. While there we rented a beach house with my parents, siblings, and good friend. We were on the Sound-side of Salvo, NC. Most people go to the Ocean side and completely miss fifty percent of what the island has to offer. My uncle rented the Green Lantern, which is a great house that is the first house you see when heading South into Rodanthe, NC. He is basically Ocean front now that the house Nights in Rodanthe (Formerly Serendipity) has been moved down the island and further inland. This way we were able to reap the benefits of both sides of the island.

Our week, in the mornings we used our sound access to go kayaking and drive our RC speed boat, then around ten we would head over to my Uncle’s to go to the Ocean side beach. At the beach the boys body surfed, boogie boarded, and I searched for seashells and played a bit with my nieces. We had a great time! After the beach we would head back to the house and clean up and one of us would cook dinner. On our day we made Mexican Lasagna, which is awesome! It’s basically beef, spaghetti sauce, chili powder, onion, peppers (if you want), and cheese separated not by noodles, but by Burrito shells. Everyone seemed to like it and we served it with sour cream and salsa & chips.

Sightseeing and Shopping was another part of our vacation. I love shopping! We went to several shops, most were over priced, but interesting to go to. It was more fun to go to these little hole-in-the-wall places that were priced decently and had the same stuff if not better. We found this cute little chocolate store in Rodanthe down from the Kitty Hawk Kites. It was awesome! They had chocolate covered Oreo’s! Yes, I wasn’t very good as it comes to being Healthy, but sometimes you have to just enjoy the moment, and I did three times. But, anyways. Aside for spreading more money than I should have, we did a lot of sightseeing! We went the very first day to see Bodie Lighthouse, but it was under renovations, which totally made me sad. So later in the week we went to see The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It wasn’t as tall as I remembered it, but still impressive. How things seem when you are little. It was gorgeous! Then later we went to see the Kill Devil Hills, just south of where the Wright Brothers made their first flight. They were massive and I completely worked off all the chocolate I am sure. We went up the dunes and down them. My brother and cousins actually jumped off them, and I slowly walked down them half way and jogged the rest, most everyone ran down them. We had a great time.

We had the best vacation, though I would have to say shell hunting was my favorite. I found some awesome shells, which I plan on making an art project out of. I even brought back some sand to put in some vases in my bathroom. Overall a productive yet relaxing week. I highly recommend visiting Cape Hatteras on your next vacation. Family reunions are good, though if you don’t completely get along with the entire family; separate houses might be a good idea. Pictures of our vacation will be added soon. Take care and have a lovely day.


Refresh and Restart June 11, 2010

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A week long vacation in paradise, wonderful is the only word I can say. Though lets be serious, sharing house with the entire family for an entire week is not always so nice. I have had a wonderful time, did a lot of fun exciting things, which I plan to fill you in on soon and I even exercised each day. I haven’t honestly wrote anything this week as far as the novel is concerned, but I think a break is necessary. I have been journaling a lot and coming up with some pretty interesting ideas as far as my plot goes. Though as far as the sequence of things are going, I am not sure. I am considering a time lapse style, where we go through flash backs as appose to chronological order of events. I’m not sure if it will work well and more importantly flow well, but I think it will be interesting and keep the reader more in tuned. So, starting Tuesday I will begin my overhaul to the novel. Hopefully this will go well. What do you all think? Is this a good idea, interesting, maybe a bad idea… comments are welcomed and encouraged. I love critiques and I can take it. Hope you are all doing well and continue to have a lovely weekend ahead. Till later, be safe and have fun!


Vacation OBX June 9, 2010

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So, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great place to go for relaxation and recreation. So far this week we have traveled through four states, shopped till we dropped, gone boogie boarding in the Ocean, kayaked the sound, and went on an adventure in a hunt for crabs that left some sore and others in tears. All in all a wonderful time. It amazes me that today is our midway point. Rather sad, however more fun is in store. Today we will travel across an inlet to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke is an amazing place to view the sites and the beach is suppose to be a great adventure. Till later! Cheers!


Well, unfortunately due to unforeseen events the ferry wait was much too long. Some people reported waiting nearly three hours for the ferry, we waited about thirty minutes and decided to do something else. We headed North from Hatteras ferry service on Highway 12, it was past lunch time and we all decided it would be Fun to stop somewhere and get a bite to eat. We stopped at The Sandbar & Grille, it did little to impress upon us Ohioans. All in all we were rather enraged by this visit. The food was over priced, ill portioned, and the waitress was obviously overworked or incompetent, I’m still trying to decide. We waited over forty-five minutes for our burgers and fries, and they completely forgot my niece’s corn dog basket. She had to wait twenty minutes for her food to finally come out. So many of us gave her some of our food, which resulted in a few of us still being hungry, while my niece’s food went to waste since she was no longer hungry. Once we finished our bland food marathon we waited ten to fifteen minutes for our checks. Once we got them back she had over charged and put others orders on each of our checks. Now there were only four checks, not necessarily difficult given the computer world we live in. Needless to say, she then added an eighteen percent gratuity! Now, I’m not one to complain, but for the lack of service I would not have given her that big of tip. Seriously? She even charged my sister for my niece’s corn dog. But in the end she did not charge my sister for drinks, so they didn’t bother to tell the girl. I will not ever go back to The Sandbar & Grille ever again. I obviously would not recommend this to anyone either.