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Bad Week: Just hoping for a little improvement. May 28, 2010

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What a day, what a week? Oy, is all I have to say. My first week on non-traditional employment has been busy. School did not go so well, I feel like my papers and test have been graded unfairly and I can’t decided if I’m just mad or being bias. In any case when it rains it pours. Have you ever just felt like you must have picked up a penny tails up and not realized it. This has certainly been a rough week. I can’t seem to do anything right and in the most important thing I can ever do I seem to be constantly failing. My writing has been less than profound to say the least. I hope this has just been an off week. Not a very good start to my new life, but I suppose all I can do is try my best. I wish I could rewind time, but I’m sure unless I remembered what I’ve gone through I would continually do the same thing over and over. Now I am rambling. I am trying to stay positive, but at the moment this is rather difficult….think happy thoughts….be positive. Have a great, safe, and happy weekend!!! Happy Memorial Day to you all!!!


Day 1: The Whistle Blows May 25, 2010

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Well, today is my first official day of writing. I have some school work to do, but I am hoping to get that all done in a couple hours and then move on to writing my novel. I wrote a little last night before bed, but I kept closing my eyes; so I ended up giving up and going to bed. It is so hard to keep going sometimes. I’m not sure if what I’m writing is important enough to put in the book. Nevertheless, all the “How to Write A Novel” books I have read and those giving advice have said the most important thing to do when writing a novel is to just get any and all ideas down on paper. Because if you just have all these ideas in your head there isn’t anything to work with, where as if you have it documented on paper then you have something tangible to work with. I am so excited! I feel invigorated. I am trying to set my priorities, which is not an easy thing. So I need to workout, shower, do homework, then Write! I hope to have a productive day.

My week of crazy workout has begun. My family is going on vacation two weeks from last Saturday. I am going to lose a few pounds and strengthen my body up a bit. I am really excited and I feel that everything will work out nicely. Motivation is something that is hard to come by, but I am going to keep pushing myself. Though this is really hard. Focus is key. It really helps to get through the last few pulls when you have a focal point to stare at and really just space out for a bit. Continue strong, but no need to focus on what your doing completely. Right? Anyways I’m off now! Take care and have a lovely day!!!


A New Spin, Changes to the Malibu Sinking May 23, 2010

How life changes. Good times to hilarious ones, I truly love my life. My life has been on a roller coaster lately, changes have been knocking at my door and they have swept into my life. I was first without wireless for a few weeks, which resulted in my absence from the blog, which I must apologize for, sorry. However, due to these unexpected events my priorities have changed. I am still on a goal for living a healthy life, but I do not feel the desire at this time to train for a 5k; but rather just get myself healthy and happy. I recently quit my place of work for the last three years and now I moving towards higher ground. I feel spiritually re-energized and more confident than ever. I am now going to focus on writing a novel, which I have wanted to write since college. I am excited about this new development and so thankful for the support system I have at home. If it wasn’t for my wonderful husband I would still be in that lovely sea of depression we all find ourselves in from time to time. Along side my husband my support team and very close group of friends remind me each day, why God made us and why we should always continue to live life to the full. It is so hard at times to see the humor or positive aspect of things sometimes when we get so inwardly conscious. But as I watched the bubbles of the Malibu reach the surface, I knew God was laughing too. God truly places some special people out there to point things out we know, but just need reminded of. A kind of happy slap in the face to wake up. Thanks to one of my avid readers I am going to start blogging again and hopefully make a few friends a long the way. So everyone have a happy and lovely day!