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Working Hard or Not? April 15, 2010

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Working hard and then working out are two very difficult things to coordinate. This week, in a nutshell, has been rather trying. I find myself to be a little on the edge and rather tired. The pup doesn’t seem to understand that it’s nice to sleep in. Once I get up, I am up. Working out has been tiresome. I haven’t done my full workout since Tuesday :(. I am hoping that maybe this is just one of those week. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I hope you all have a lovely Friday!!!!


Take Your Mark April 13, 2010

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Planning seems to be thrown out the window evidently. I went with a plan to do a certain thing, but once I got started I didn’t want to quit and then I had to quit. Well here is what I did. My dog and I went for a nice warm up walk of five minutes, then we started at a nice jogging pace, then she had to stop and smell something. We ran for five minutes and 22 seconds, then we walked for five more minutes for a nice cool-down. Not a big workout, but I’m glad I could run that long on my first real try. I stretched for a few minutes before we left, but my legs felt like they were going to collapse. I suppose this is a normal reaction, but I am wondering how I can prevent this. Probably just need to give it time. I did as Mark instructed and found a focal point, which helped so much. I made little goals from my focal point, such as lets run to that red car, then lets run to the dumpster (bad choice because the dog just wanted to stay there which screwed up my lovely pace), and finally lets run to the pond. In all honesty I enjoy rowing a lot more. However, I feel like this 5k dream is more important so I will stick with it. I do feel like I need to invest in some proper running shoes, my One Star Converse is not going to cut it. I feel the reverberation right into my knee. Any ideas on types of running shoes? I’m thinking New Balance, but I am not sure! Off to get ready for a great day! Have a lovely day!!!!


The Starting Line April 12, 2010

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Well I finally did it. I began with a bit of running. Just a few sprints, but it got me in the mood. I truly enjoyed it and it was most exhilarating. I had my puppy with me and she had fun too. She loves to run and it makes me want to go more so just so that she will get to run around. I am planning on going for a bit of a run tomorrow morning. So we will see how that goes. I plan on stretching before this to avoid that horrid stitch feeling in the side. The goal tomorrow is to run for 2 minutes, then walk for five, then run two walk five, you get the idea for a totally of 30 or 35 minutes, we will see how I’m doing. I want to ease in slowly, I hope I’m not jumping the gun. My original plan was to walk this week and then go for the running next, but I am anxious and excited to begin this trek. I’m so glad your on the road with me. Let me know if your doing anything similar. I’m always open to critiques, suggestions, love comments, and general hello’s! Hope you all have a lovely day!


Grinding on with Entertainment April 8, 2010

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Hitting the grind of the rowing machine sometimes feels a bit taxing; however I found a new way of passing the time and pulling hard. Obviously it is a little difficult to read as you row as you are moving back and forth the entire time. To get around this is simple, I have found a fantastic amount of audio books and podcasts to listen to and keep my mind off the burn. There are literally thousands of podcasts out there from how to defragment you computer to Tudor Monarchy history. I am an avid fan of the Harry Potter series, and for me re-reading books is a bit like watching a movie all over again. Currently I acquired a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on audio CD. So truly amazing is technology. I simply ripped the CD and sync it with my Zune HD. This has made my workouts very enjoyable. I even went four extra minutes just to listen to one more chapter the other night. This has really helped me. Nevertheless, I am wondering if this will be very productive as I begin my running exercises. Well that is all for today. Have a lovely day!


Setting Priorities April 7, 2010

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When life gets hard it seems to rain. It certainly has in my past. I know that when working out comes up between doing things you “have to do” or that you “need” to get done it takes the back seat. I had a doctor appointment a few weeks ago and I was totally annoyed when I stepped on the scale and the reading was far from where it was the last time, this gave me encouragement, but when it comes do getting things done it is hard to decide what is “more important”. Nevertheless, I find in my reading that exercise should be a priority. If you think about it in the historical context, humans were made and prevail in high activity eras. Before the elevator and the industrial revolution we walked up those stairs and we did manual labor. It’s a good habit to take care of yourself to maintain good health, prevent health risks, be a productive member of society, and be able to do recreational activities that otherwise you would be sitting on the side lines. I’m not a sit on the side lines type of girl. I don’t like sweating excessively, but I do enjoy getting in the action. For myself, diets never seem to work. I’ve seen family members go on diets and do great but then just gain it all back once they come off the wagon. So for me this is a ‘lifestyle choice’ that I hope to maintain. Even if I’m tired, maybe perhaps I won’t do the entire workout I usually do, but doing something and always doing at least 75% of your daily routine should be a priority. For me this is a choice. Life is all about choices and this is an important thing I “need” to do. However, with that said I am trying to make time to do all my other chores. So far so good, but always a new something that will pop up and routine plans, so plan for the worst and hope for the best. What are some ways you make time? Is any of this helpful? I hope you all have a lovely day.


Rowing Towards 5K Dream April 6, 2010

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Let’s just say that the weather here in Central Ohio has been amazing. I am so loving the whole thing and I’m truly looking forward to the summer. For the first time in two years I am a student again, and though I am enjoying my classes, I can’t help but feel excited to look forward to the summer. This excitement is helping to motivate me in my exercising. Yesterday’s rowing routine was a little blaze. I’ve decided to work more for the cardio right now, than to jump in and try and build muscle. My rationale for this is that if I build up my cardio then it will then be easier to build muscel later and cardio is suppose to burn more fat. So, positive note, today my hands are not weak from the work out. I’m very happy about this as it really worried me before.

5K Plan

The plan is as follows. I found an article online regarding readying oneself for a 5K for Beginners. Since I have never truly ran a full mile without stopping and gagging or feeling like my legs were going to fall off, I thought I would start small. So I am for the next two weeks going to, in addition to rowing 3 to 4 times a week, take brisk 20 minute walks with my dog. I know that seems odd, but the article said that would help ready your body for the transition into running and prevent injury. I want this to be a happy road. Then I plan to progress to Running for 1 minute then walk for a few and run again, and slowly build up to running 5 minutes, to 10, to 20, and then eventually 30 minutes. I’m hoping that will go well. I have a long way to go, but this is my plan. I hope to be running 5 minutes on by June. W

What are your thoughts and comments? Any suggestions or thoughts? I would love to hear them, otherwise I feel like I’m just talking to the nothingness of space. Well I hope you all have a lovely day!

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